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Depot: A depot is a location that can manage stock within Openboxes. Any location that you can enter and see the dashboard is a depot. All of the location in the opening menu are depots:

Widget Connector


You should create a location as a depot if, and only if, you have a user who will be actively managing the inventory in that depot. If you will not be managing inventory in that location in OpenBoxes, choose one of the following location types.


  1. Name: Write in the name of the new location

  2. Location Code: Type in a nickname or acronym for this location (optional)

  3. Location Type: Choose depot, supplier, ward, dispensary, or pharmacy.

  4. Location group: Choose which location group you want it to fall under. Learn more about location groups.

  5. Manager: Choose an OB to act as manager of the location (optional)

  6. Background color/ Foreground color: allows you to edit the color that appears on the screen (optional)

  7. Sort Order: The order you want the location to appear in the main menu (optional)


Address tab (optional): Enter the address for the location in this tab. Administrators can configure purchase order printouts and shipping templates to use this address.

Bin Locations: This tab is only for use in depots with bin tracking enabled. Use it to add or remove bin locations within your depot. See more in Manage Bin Locations