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OpenBoxes includes a feature that enables users to place products inventory into hold bins within a location.

This feature is very helpful when users need to isolate a product or quantity of a product and prevent it from being used in certain transactions - picking or shipping, for example. In situations where product inventory needs to be quarantined, go through an inspection process, be segregated because of damages, or held for future return, this feature can add a lot of value.

Once the product inventory is on hold, it cannot be used for shipment and the quantity available is changed as a result. It’s also important to note that moving a product into a hold bin at one location will not impact that product at other locations. For system-wide holds that impact all locations, please see Recalling a lot.

This page is focused on using hold bins to place product inventory on hold in OpenBoxes. The examples below assume a hold bin has already been created. For additional information on creating hold bins for inventory management, please see

Let’s look at examples on how to place product inventory on hold, the impact it will have on inventoryquantity available, and the appearance of hold product held inventory in reporting within OpenBoxes.