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  1. Name: The product type name exists to remind you what the product type is. Choose a name that means something to you, and will help explain to users what type they should select

  2. Product type code: This will be auto-set. Just ignore it.

  3. Product identifier format:

    1. Leave blank to generate a random code with two letters and 3 numbers

    2. AAAA - random mix of letters and numbers. The number of digits you enter determines the number of digits in the code

    3. NNNN - random number. Number of digits will match the number of Ns entered

    4. 10000 - autoincrement number with the number of digits specified. The first number cannot be zero. The number will autoincrement until the first number needs to be updated, then it will add a digit. For example, this number will autoincrement until

    Code: ???
    1. 19999 and then reset to 110000

    2. C1000 - prefix followed by auto-increment number, ex C1001, C1002

    3. VNNN - Prefix followed by random number series, ex V325, V562

  4. Supported Activities: Add supported activities from the drop-down list. See the intro section for a definition of each supported activity.

  5. Required fields: The system required fields will be visible here and are not removable. Add others as needed

  6. Displayed fields: Choose fields from the drop-down list to display. Ensure that at minimum you are displaying the required fields, or your users will not be able to create products.