Basic Navigation

After logging in and choosing a location, users will find themselves on the location dashboard. The dashboard is the home page for a location in OpenBoxes - we will explore that later in the section. For now, we will focus on the elements that are the same on every OpenBoxes page. These elements will allow you to navigate successfully in OpenBoxes.

Return to your dashboard from another page

No matter what page you end up on in OpenBoxes, you can always return to the dashboard by clicking on of two buttons 1) The word dashboard on the far left of the menu, or 2) The little house on the left just below the menu. Both of these buttons will always bring you back home.


View and change your location

Your location is visible in two places on the dashboard.

  • In the top left corner, below the menu and to the left

  • In the top right corner

Clicking on either location name will bring you back to the location chooser page, where you can select a different location.


View and change your user information

In the top right corner, you will see a box with your username. Next to your username, it shows your user permission level. By clicking on your user name, you will open a menu where you can edit your user profile or logout.


Search for products, shipments, orders, or other transactions

Just to the left of the user information menu is a search box called the “global search.” You can type in the code or name of a product to see products matching that description, and their inventory in your location. For more information about how to use the global search, read .

Using the menu bar

The menu bar allows you to access all of the different functions in OpenBoxes. While you may have a wide range of menu options depending on your user permissions, the menu that all users will interact with are Inbound, Outbound, and Reporting. Follow the links to learn more about the options under each menu.