Stock Lists


Stock lists serve a special function in Openboxes. A stock list is exactly what it sounds like - a list of items that PIH would like to keep in stock at a certain facility. The stock list serves as a distribution tool for that facility, prompting the depot to distribute the right quantities to the facility on a regular basis.

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View and Print

To view all of the stock lists in OpenBoxes, go to Stocklists > List stocklists in the menu

This will bring up a list of all of the stock lists in the system. You can search by the list name, or filter by the origin and destination locations to find the stocklist you want to view:

Once you find you stock list, click the name to open the view page:

On this page, you can see all of the key details about the list. On the left, you can see the name, origin, and destination. You can see who manages the stock list. This person is responsible for making edits and keeping everything up to date. The left bar also shows you the replenishment period for a stock list. This is the number of days between scheduled replenishments, which is the length of time the stock is expected to last.


On the view page, you can download a copy of the stock list in PDF or excel. Next to the download button, there is also an option to email the stocklist to yourself or others. Selecting that option will bring you to a page where you can add recipients and update the subject and body of the email. Press send to send the message.


If, instead of viewing a full stocklist, you want to see all lists that contain a particular product, you can see the on the manage stock lists page. This page can be accessed by a product’s electronic stock card:

Clicking on the manage stock lists button brings you to a page that lists all of the stocklists that this product appears on, by origin depot. You can see the same basic information available on the stock list view page, and can also print to pdf, excel, or email.


Create and Edit

Stock lists can only be edited by users with administrator permissions. For instructions, see .