Q: I want to change the format of the PO and shipping documents. How do I do that?

Check out https://openboxes.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OBW/pages/1266516093 for information about how to create and manage custom documents using information from OpenBoxes.


Q: What do the different colored products mean?

Administrators can assign a color to a particular formulary list. All products on that list will appear in that color in the global search, PO page, and stock list page. If you see multicolored products, you should be able to tell which formulary list corresponds to which color.

Q: What do the icons next to the product name mean?

The icons indicate the handling conditions that apply to a specific product. The snowflake indicates that the product is cold chain. The yellow triangle indicates that the product is hazmat. The red exclamation point indicates a controlled substance, and the pill bottle shows that a product has been reconditioned.

Q: What is recipient field for? Do I need to enter something there?

The recipient field allows you to enter the name of someone you wish to be notified when a particular product ships or is received. If the person has an email in the system, OpenBoxes will email them when the item ships, and when you arrives at the warehouse. If you don’t want to use recipient, it is fine to just leave the field blank.

Q: Why won’t OpenBoxes let me delete a product/location/person?

OpenBoxes wont allow any objects to be deleted if they have already been referenced elsewhere in the system. While this may be annoying, it is very important for the integrity of the data in the system. If you wish to remove an object that can’t be deleted, you can deactivate it, and it will not be visible on any screens in the user interface.

Q: Why can’t I edit an incoming shipment to my depot?

Check the origin location. Is it another depot in OpenBoxes? OpenBoxes does not allow users in a destination location to edit incoming shipments from other depots, even if they have admin or superuser permissions. This is because rolling back the shipment would edit the inventory in the origin location, and only the warehouse staff in that location should be able to do that. To edit the shipment, you would need to log into the origin location as an admin (if you have that permission), or request that a manager of the origin depot edit the shipment for you.

Q: Why do I have to create an inbound shipment instead of just creating a receipt when something arrives at my depot?