Stock Transfers

This feature applies to sites that are currently utilizing bin locations for inventory management. The stock transfer feature is used to move inventory from one bin location or zone to another. It is an internal transfer that gives users the ability to better manage inventory location within a site.


OpenBoxes gives users the ability to efficiently manage the transfer of stock from one bin location or zone to another. This feature is helpful for inventory location management. It creates the ability to make changes in OpenBoxes with the goal of more accurately reflecting the physical location of inventory within a depot or warehouse.

It is important to note that the stock transfer feature does not generate an outbound shipment and is only managed within a site in OpenBoxes. It is an internal transfer from one location to another. A stock transfer doesn’t change the total quantity on hand at a given site, rather it will change the location of the inventory at that site.

There are many reasons why a user may want to create a stock transfer within their location. Here are a few examples where this feature may add value:

  • A single item needs to be moved to a new bin location (or locations) within the system.

  • An entire bin with multiple items needs to be moved to a new bin location (or multiple locations).

  • The warehouse is being redesigned or reorganized, and some bin locations are being consolidated or removed.

  • The warehouse has made temporarily changes to bin locations or the physical layout because of capacity issues.

  • Inventory needs to be isolated in a particular bin location or zone, possibly due to hold issues or a product recall.

Please see the following pages for more detail on creating a stock transfer:

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