Manage People


People in OpenBoxes are non-users that need to be referenced in the system, or receive emails notifying them of certain transactions. For example, a hospital using OpenBoxes might create person records for all the doctors in the hospital, so if those individuals submit a paper requisition, their name can be entered as a requestor. Another common scenario is recipients - if you want to add someone as a recipient on a shipment or PO, and they are not a user, you will need to add them as a person. If a person is a user in OpenBoxes, they do not need a person record - OB will automatically create one for them. It is possible to upgrade someone from a person to a user at a later date - for more info see .


View and Search

To view a list of all of the person records in OpenBoxes, go to configuration>people

This will bring up a searchable list of all of the people in the system:

This list will also show all users - the type field will show you if the record is just a person, or also a user. Note that the search is not particularly flexible - it can be confused by extra spaces or small typos. To be sur you find what you want, try searching by just a first name, just a last name, or an email. First name and lat name works if the match is exact, but you are more likely to miss something.

Create a Person

To create a new person, click the “add person” button just above the search:

This will bring up a form where you can enter a first name, last name, email, and phone number.

First name and last name are required, email and phone number are not. If you enter an email, this person will receive email notifications if they are added as a recipient to a shipment or PO. Click “Create” to finalize and save the record.


Edit a Person

From the edit persons page, you can click on the name of any person to edit their record.

On this page, you can edit any of the previously entered data. You can also click “convert person to user” to being the process of adding a user account for this person. Save to update the record.

While you can delete a user from this page as well, OpenBoxes does not allow deletion of people that have already been referenced in a shipment, receipt, PO, or stocklist. If you cannot delete the record, you can instead change the name to show that this person should not be used.